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Headquartered in Buford, GA, Red V Foods is a reputable bulk toasted coconut supplier committed to providing clients in the USA, Canada, and South America with high-quality toasted coconut products.

Kinds of Toasted Coconut We Offer

Red V Foods offers a wide range of toasted coconut products made from only the finest fresh coconuts available. We have organic unsweetened, sweetened, and unsweetened variants, perfect for any baking or cooking application. Moreover, our organic options are 100% USDA-certified and compliant with Japanese and EU organic standards.



Use our toasted coconut flakes as toppings or ingredients for a crunchy mouthfeel and toasty flavor for your dishes


Retaining the natural flavor and aroma of coconut, our medium toasted coconut products are excellent additions to desserts and pastries.


The large size of our toasted coconut chips makes them ideal for snacking on their own or mixed with granola and dried fruits.

Available in:

  • Organic Unsweetened Coconut
  • Sweetened Toasted
  • Unsweetened Toasted


  • 25 lb and 50 lb
  • bulk carton with
  • polyethylene liners


  • 1 lb or 2 lb
  • bag


  • 5 oz, 7 oz, 14 oz
  • bag

Toasted Coconut


Organic or SO2 Free Coconut


Bulk carton with polyethylene liners




18 months, provided specified storage conditions are observed.

Uses of Toasted Coconut

Our toasted coconut products are golden in color, adding a unique look to any dish or baked good. These ingredients are commonly used as toppings or adornments for confectionaries, desserts, and beverages, including cakes, muffins, smoothies, and ice cream. They can also be incorporated into cereal and trail mixes. Aside from this, unsweetened variants can be used for savory applications, such as breading for fried dishes, providing a distinct flavor and crunchy texture.

Storage and Handling of Sweetened Coconut

Our toasted coconut products should be stored in a clean, cool, and dry environment with ideal temperatures of 10°C to 20°C (50ºF to 68ºF). They have a shelf life of up to 18 months, provided specified storage conditions are observed. Keeping them in airtight containers can also help extend their shelf life.


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