Add Texture and Flavor to Your Food Products With Quality Desiccated Coconut

Red V Foods is a bulk desiccated coconut supplier in the USA that supplies high-quality desiccated coconut products to clients across the globe. We use only the finest mature coconuts to create goods perfect for any application.

Kinds of Desiccated Coconut We Offer

Red V Foods offers a wide range of desiccated coconut products in different granulated and special cuts. We also have organic, high-fat, SO2-free, and reduced-fat variants. No matter your preference, you can rest assured that all our desiccated coconut products have the natural taste, flavor, and aroma of wholesome coconut.


Desiccated Coconut Flakes

The irregularly shaped cuts of desiccated coconut flakes make them perfect as decorative cake toppings or batter for baked or pan-seared seafood.

Fancy Shred Desiccated Coconut

Our fancy shred desiccated coconut is frequently used in baked goods as decorative toppings, offering a neater look than our flakes.

Desiccated Coconut Chips

If you want a more pronounced coconut presence and texture, our desiccated coconut chips are the ideal size for your cooked or baked dishes.

Medium Desiccated Coconut

Made of fresh, white coconut meat, our medium desiccated coconut product is the perfect addition to cereal or granola.

Fine (Macaroon) Desiccated Coconut

Our fine desiccated coconut is the ideal size for various baked products, such as cookies, biscuits, candies, and, of course, macaroons.

Extra Fine Desiccated Coconut

You can use our extra fine desiccated coconut as an ingredient in baked goods, but they can also be used in food sanding applications.

Available in:

  • Organic
  • High Fat
  • SO2 Free
  • With SO2
  • Reduced Fat


  • 25 lb and 50 lb
  • in multiwall kraft
  • paper bag with inner
  • polyethylene liner


  • 1 lb, 2 lb, 10 lb
  • bag
  • bulk carton with
  • polyethylene liners


  • 5 oz, 7 oz, 14 oz
  • bag

Desiccated Coconut




In multiwall kraft paper bag with inner polyethylene liner




Organic without sulfites: 18 months, provided specified storage conditions are observed.
Without sulfites: 18 months, provided specified storage conditions are observed.
With sulfites: 24 months, provided specified storage conditions are observed.

Uses of Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated coconut is a common topping for a variety of dishes ranging from desserts and cereals to curries and sauces. It is widely used because it is a flavorful addition that also provides nutritional benefits. Moreover, it is frequently used in cooking and baking because its gentle sweetness complements cookies and pastries in both flavor and texture. Macaroons are a popular product made using this ingredient, and it is commonly added to smoothies or sprinkled on salads.

Storage and Handling of Desiccated Coconut

Red V Food's desiccated coconut products should be stored in a clean, cool, and dry environment with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C (50ºF to 68ºF). These goods have a shelf life of 18 months or less, depending on the type of cut and residual S02 content.


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