Understanding Private Labeling for Coconut Products: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Private Labeling for Coconut Products: A Comprehensive Guide - Red V Foods


The increasing demand for coconut products is showing no signs of slowing down as consumers become more conscious of their food choices. Due to the spotlight that social and mainstream media put on ethics, sustainability, ecological concerns, and environmental issues, people have become more supportive of plant-based commodities, including coconut products.

The demand isn’t the only thing increasing as coconut becomes popular in the United States. According to Bloomberg, manufacturers all over the world are rolling out new coconut-based products to meet the public hype. Coconut even became popular in the cosmetic industry as one of the key ingredients in skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

With this growing demand, there is no better time to dish out your ideas for coconut-based goods than now. If you have a unique product that you want to share with the world, the best possible place to start is with a company that offers private labeling services for coconuts in the USA.


What Is Private Labeling? 

Private labeling is the process of retailing a product manufactured by a third-party company. This might sound similar to white labeling, but the two are completely different when it comes to letting you get involved.  

White-label coconut manufacturers create the exact same product for every retailer. Meanwhile, private label manufacturing companies for coconut products give you the freedom to create your own packaging design, branding, and product formula so your brand stands out from your competitors. Your involvement in the creation of the product gives you complete right to it, unlike with white labels where your only right is to resell the items that you bought.  

Private labeling as a strategy is often adopted by business owners to increase their sales and offer exclusive, low-priced items to their customers. It is also ideal for companies that want to create their own line of products but have no plans to build their own factory.  


Benefits of Private Labeling 

If you want to start your own line of coconut products but don’t want to go through the process of building things from the ground up, the best way to go is through private labeling. Discover the benefits of adopting private labeling for your business below:  


Control Over Products 

Private labeling for coconut products in the USA gives you control over product pricing and the level of overhead manufacturing cost required to create your product. By having a hand in these aspects, you can adjust your profit margin in any way you want. You can experiment with different price formulas to see which could help you maximize your profit without lessening customer satisfaction.  

Aside from the pricing and the profit, private label companies can also help you make faster adjustments with regard to your product formula, packaging, and more. You have the authority to change certain areas of your product and tailor it based on customer feedback.  


Opportunity To Expand Product Range 

Private labeling for coconut products in the USA makes it easier for business owners like you to expand your range of products and delve into creating your own line of goods. Instead of opening your own factory and investing heavy capital expenditure on materials and equipment, you can partner with an established manufacturer instead.

Manufacturers already have a large catalog of raw materials and a wide range of factory equipment that can help bring your products to life. Partnering with them provides you with the flexibility to adjust your product offerings based on target market demand and other factors.


Bolster Marketing Strategy 

The world is changing, and people these days prefer to support private label products more than national brands. Most consumers believe that privately owned brands have better quality and pricing compared to mainstream products. People think smaller brands put more effort into their research and promoting sustainable efforts.

If you have a private label of your own, you can take advantage of the market and establish your business as a trusted resource in your chosen industry. You can even use your manufacturer’s ethical efforts in sourcing their materials as a way to promote your products to ethically conscious customers.



The biggest advantage of private labeling is its cost-effectiveness. With private labels, you no longer have to buy your own equipment to create your products. Everything you need can be provided by your manufacturer, depending on your agreement. This lessens investment risks on materials and equipment that might not even lead to profit.  

Additionally, there is less commitment expected from private labeling arrangements for coconut products in the USA. You can order your products in batches and see if they work for your business. If they do, you can contact your manufacturer to create more of your product.   


Red V Foods: A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Coconut Products in the USA 

As a coconut product private label manufacturer in the USA, Red V Foods is offering you the opportunity to take part in a growing market. If you have an innovative coconut product idea, we can help you turn it into reality by offering you a partnership built on the common goal of serving the public.

Red V Foods is a trusted distributor and manufacturer of desiccated coconut products in the U.S. Axelum Resources Corp., our parent company, is known for their high-quality and ethically produced goods made from the finest coconuts in the Philippines. As a leading supplier of coconut products in the country, we strictly adhere to the highest standards of food processing, as proven by our multiple quality certifications.    

We take our role in the production chain seriously, and as a reflection of who we are, we build our manufacturing efforts around sustainability. In 2021, Red V Foods, together with our parent company, managed to decrease our direct greenhouse gas emissions by up to 19% by following strict fuel-saving practices. We are also in the final stages of our effort to shift to clean energy and limit our plants’ dependence on traditional power sources.


Private Labeling Services We Offer 

To give people with big ideas a chance to join the big leagues in the market, we offer different private label manufacturing for coconut products that will help you get started on your business.



Packaging matters a great deal when it comes to a product. It is what attracts your customers to your brand and introduces your goods to them. Here at Red V Foods, we offer different packaging services, including pail filling, multi-pack cartoning, palletizing, bag filling, and more, so you can focus on the other important aspects of your business.



Our oil-filling services entail packing high-quality coconut oil for your private label business. We help you comply with the food regulations and identify the best ways to pack your oil-based products.  



Red V Foods has a large catalog of coconut commodities along with multiple contacts that can help you find the best ingredient supply for your product. Our team can assist you with your custom specifications.  



Red V Food offers its cutting-edge production line to help you create the product you envisioned. With our 110,000-square-foot factory and warehouse, you can start the production of your custom-made coconut products and meet your own market demand.


FAQs About Private Labeling for Coconut Products in the USA 


What Is the Distribution Channel of Coconut Products? 

The coconut products we make for you can be distributed to supermarkets, online retail stores, convenience stores, wholesalers, and modern trade centers. Supermarkets used to be the biggest distribution channel for coconut products, but it is predicted that they will be overtaken by online retail stores as customers become more interested in shopping online.  


What Coconut Products Are in High Demand? 

Coconut drinks are in high demand in the U.S. due to their health benefits and hydrating effects. Other coconut products like desiccated coconut, coir, sugar, oil, and milk are also popular because of their flexible use in food, cosmetics, and even construction.


Is the Philippines the Biggest Coconut Producer? 

The Philippines is the second largest producer of coconut among the countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is responsible for almost 40% of ASEAN’s total coconut production and is one of the key players in the coconut industry across the globe.



Great ideas shouldn’t be kept in the corners of your mind. It should be explored and shared with the rest of the world. As the demand for coconut products increases across the globe, there is no better time to create your own brand of coconut goods than now.

Seize the opportunity and partner with a reliable private labeling company for coconut products in the USA. Connect with us at Red V Foods and find the services you are looking for to get started on your business.

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