Using Sweetened Grated Coconut in Your Products? Follow These 8 Tips To Increase Profits!

Using Sweetened Grated Coconut in Your Products? Follow These 8 Tips To Increase Profits! - Red V Foods


Are you an entrepreneur who frequently uses sweetened grated coconut in their products and is trying to find other ways to earn more profit?

Understandably, this is one of the primary challenges every business owner faces. Sometimes, they can become too focused on expanding their offerings or providing a new product to garner sales. While these are proven means to earn more, there are other ways to augment your revenue, which Red V Foods will discuss in this blog.

We are a leading manufacturer of premium coconut products in the USA and offer reasonable prices for our sweetened grated coconut. Read until the end of this article to learn more about what we can offer you!


Ways To Earn More Profit for Business Owners Who Use Sweetened Grated Coconut 

Earning more profit doesn’t necessarily mean selling more products. There are many aspects of your business where you can cut costs and get more value for money. Below are some examples:


Find an All-in-One Provider  

Partnering with one supplier that can give you quality sweetened grated coconut has many advantages for entrepreneurs. For instance, it is usually easier to build a good relationship with a single supplier compared to multiple vendors.

With a supplier that can offer you other services, you won’t need to spend extra time and effort to look for other companies. Securing more than one product or service from one supplier can also lead to discounts or promotions. There’s also less administrative work involved.


Assess Your Supplier’s Sourcing Capability 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a supplier, one of which is their sourcing capability. Even if they provide quality sweetened shredded coconut products, if they don’t have reliable sourcing capabilities, this can negatively affect your business. 

You won’t have this fear with Red V Foods as your supplier. Through our parent company, Axelum Resources Corp., we source coconut directly from farms in the Philippines. Our production facility in the southern region of the said country is in the heart of tropical coconut farms, so we can ensure superior coconut selection and efficient delivery and processing.


Choose Sustainable Manufacturers 

You may not have thought about it before, but partnering with sustainable coconut product manufacturers has several benefits business-wise. By using ingredients sourced sustainably, you are helping the environment and local farmers. As such, you can leverage this info in your marketing efforts to help attract consumers who want to make sustainable choices. Consequently, this can increase your customer base, leading to more profits.


Do Not Buy From Resellers  

Sweetened coconut products are often more expensive when you purchase from resellers. They sell their products at a markup, which is higher than the original retail price of sweetened grated coconut. It is much better to purchase directly from manufacturers like Red V Foods since our supply chain has no third parties, allowing you to get our products at more reasonable costs.


Be Updated on Price Trends  

This is another thing to keep in mind for business owners who frequently create savory dishes and desserts with coconut flakes. When you’re updated on price fluctuations, you can better adjust your expenses accordingly to help you maintain your target profits. 

Some factors that may affect coconut product prices include fuel costs and unpreventable disasters like typhoons that affect tropical countries where coconuts are primarily produced. Also, according to reports, the demand for coconut products is seen to increase due to people’s rising awareness of their health benefits.  


Store Coconut Products Properly

Sweetened Grated Coconut in a Wooden Bowl

Improper storage of coconut products leads to food wastage and more expenses, which can hurt profits. It’s important to keep your sweetened grated coconut in a cool, dry place because heat and humidity can spoil them quickly.

Store them in airtight containers to prevent moisture and insects from reaching them. You can also place your sweetened grated coconut in the fridge if you have too much, but keep in mind that this can affect the product’s texture.


Attract Health-Conscious Customers 

To earn more from your coconut products, you should learn how to market them properly to appeal to health-conscious consumers. Grated coconut comes from coconut meat, which is highly nutritious – it contains fiber, antioxidants, and coconut oil, which may contribute to heart health.

As a plant-based ingredient, coconut meat fits vegan and vegetarian diets. It does not contain lactose and gluten, which many consumers avoid due to certain health conditions. Plus, sweetened shredded coconut complements sweet and savory recipes.


Purchase Sweetened Grated Coconut in Bulk 

Cutting down ingredient costs helps business owners earn more profit. A simple way to do this is to purchase your sweetened grated coconut in bulk. Buying them in big quantities can result in discounts that can help you save money in the long run, even if you’re paying more upfront. 

Doing this is also more beneficial for the environment as bigger versions of a product typically involve less packaging. While buying in bulk may not always be beneficial since it can result in food wastage, it is advantageous if you have big orders coming up and need to increase your production.


Red V Foods: A Reliable Partner of Business Owners in the Coconut Industry  

Red V Foods is a trusted supplier of premium coconut products for various businesses, including retail and private labels, food service companies, e-commerce stores, and other distributors.

We help businesses succeed by offering reasonable prices for sweetened grated coconut, among other high-quality coconut products, like coconut oil and milk. Our sweetened coconut offerings, in particular, are all Kosher-certified and come in natural, SO2-free, and custom formulations. Additionally, they are available in industrial, food service, and retail quantities. 

We also offer other services, such as co-packing and sourcing, enabling us to be a one-stop shop for clients looking for reliable suppliers. Feel free to reach out to us to learn about our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you!


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