Creating a Vegan Product? Here Are Some Fun Ideas Using Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Creating a Vegan Product? Here Are Some Fun Ideas Using Unsweetened Coconut Milk - Red V Foods


Nowadays, it’s becoming more common to find people on a vegan diet. Many Americans do so to practice healthier lifestyles or prevent animal exploitation. Plus, avoiding animal products is another way to lessen one’s carbon footprint and help the environment.

If you are a business owner wanting to attract more of these customers, consider offering vegan products. Of course, when creating one, you need to use plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients like coconut. 

Unsweetened coconut milk, in particular, can be used to produce a wide array of vegan products. If you don’t know how, you’re in the right place! In this blog, Red V Foods, a trusted coconut milk supplier, is here to show you several vegan products you can make using coconut milk.


Is Unsweetened Coconut Milk Vegan-Friendly? 

People who follow vegan diets consume only plant-based foods, including vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, and beans. They do not eat foods produced by animals, such as dairy, eggs, and honey.

Fortunately, coconut milk fits vegan diets because it isn’t derived from animals. It is a type of plant-based milk, just like oat, soy, and almond milk.


Different Forms of Coconut Milk and How It Applies to Your Product 

To come up with a vegan product, one of the first things you should do is find a supplier. Red V Foods is one of the leading producers of premium coconut products in the USA. We offer coconut milk in liquid and powder forms, providing business owners with a range of options for various applications.



Our coconut milk powder comes in six variants:

  • Conventional Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free – ideal plant-based milk alternative to dairy 
  • Conventional Coconut Milk Power With Dairy – perfect for dry applications and recipes where viscosity needs to be controlled
  • Conventional Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Corn-Free – ideal for customers who require non-GMO, plant-based milk products
  • Organic Coconut Milk Powder – derived from organic coconut milk combined with natural stabilizers
  • Organic Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free – great for meal replacement formulations, coffee creamers, specialized functional foods, sauces, and tropical drinks 
  • Organic Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Corn-Free – perfect for customers who require organic, non-GMO, plant-based milk products



Even though canned, liquid coconut milk from Red V Foods retains its freshness and quality. This product comes in four variants:

  • Organic Canned – made from organic unsweetened coconut, purified water, and organic guar gum
  • Organic Lite Canned – contains 68% less fat than regular coconut milk
  • Conventional Canned – a rich and silky alternative to regular milk
  • Natural Lite Canned – has a subtle coconut taste and only contains 6% fat 


    Vegan Products You Can Make With Unsweetened Coconut Milk 

    Thankfully, you can create a long list of vegan products using coconut milk! Check out these ideas:


    Ice Cream 

    A lot of people love ice cream but have difficulty finding a vegan version. Now they can when you create your own ice cream recipe using coconut milk! Just make sure you have an ice cream maker to make the process easier and faster. The result is as creamy as dairy-based ice cream.


    Coffee Creamer 

    Using coconut milk as a coffee creamer will attract vegan and lactose-intolerant customers who love lattes and cappuccinos. Adding coconut milk to coffee gives it a slightly sweet and refreshing taste. For this, you can use either liquid or powdered coconut milk.


    Tropical Drinks  

    Because coconut is mainly sourced from tropical countries like the Philippines, using coconut milk in tropical drinks makes a great combination! Instead of regular milk, opt for natural coconut milk in shakes, cocktails, and other refreshing beverages.


    Milk Replacement Powder  

    Many recipes, especially in baking, use milk powder. The good news is that coconut milk powder makes an excellent replacement. You can use the exact measurement of coconut milk powder as the regular milk powder stated in the recipe. Before you incorporate the powder, mixing it first in water would be best to avoid clumps.


    Organic Soaps  

    Aside from food, many people are now switching to organic bath products like soaps to lessen their use of synthetic ingredients. The good news is that organic coconut milk is an excellent choice for cold process soaps as it provides the skin with its antioxidants and anti-microbial agents.


    Body Lotion 

    Coconut oil is famous for its skin and hair benefits, but did you know that coconut milk also does wonders for the skin? Coconut milk is known to be generally safe for all skin types, and it is not as greasy as coconut oil and has a lighter scent.


    Hair Products 

    Coconut milk may benefit the hair, so creating vegan hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks, is a great idea for your business! Coconut milk is reported to possibly have various benefits for the hair, such as improving cuticle strength, restoring dry scalp, and removing dandruff.


    Find the Highest-Quality Coconut Milk Products Here at Red V Foods! 

    To produce premium vegan products, using high-quality coconut milk is a must. If you don’t have a supplier yet, turn to Red V Foods! Sourcing directly from farms in the southern region of the Philippines, we offer a wide range of coconut products and cater to multiple businesses, such as retailers, e-commerce stores, and other manufacturers. 

    Moreover, throughout our work as one of the leading coconut product manufacturers in the USA, we have made milestones regarding our sustainability efforts. In 2020, we were globally recognized by the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards.

    Recently, Red V Foods has achieved another milestone as a coconut company. We were featured by Food Business News, one of the top publications in the food and beverage industry. They published an article highlighting our Fiesta line of coconut milk powders, particularly the milk powder variants we have added to our offerings.



    Healthy, delicious, and plant-based, unsweetened coconut milk is one of the best ingredients you can use to create high-quality vegan products customers will love. It is very easy to incorporate in savory and sweet dishes and can even be used in skin and hair products.

    With Red V Foods as your coconut milk supplier, you can easily create various vegan products from our range of liquid and powder coconut milk options. Shop for them today on our website!

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