A Guide on How To Get the Best Price for Unsweetened Coconut Products

A Guide on How To Get the Best Price for Unsweetened Coconut Products - Red V Foods


A large part of business success hinges on finding suppliers who can offer you quality products at competitive prices. The lower the costs of your materials, the higher your profits will be. 

The same is true for business owners who use coconut as one of the primary ingredients in their products. The question is, how do you negotiate to get the best prices for the coconut products you need?

Red V Foods has got you covered! In this article, we’ll cover various tips to help you get lower prices for unsweetened coconut products. Continue reading to learn more. 


The Versatility of Coconut as a Product 

The versatility of coconut as a product is almost unmatched. Aside from being a popular ingredient in different recipes, it is also a prized substance in the skincare industry. As such, entrepreneurs thinking of venturing into a coconut business have plenty of options with the products they can create using this tropical fruit.

Various coconut food products, such as coconut oil, milk, and flour, are used in both savory dishes and baked goods. Aside from its delicious taste, coconut offers multiple health benefits. Not only that, but it is also vegan-friendly and gluten- and dairy-free, making it a perfect alternative for people who are on a vegan diet, are lactose-intolerant, or have celiac disease.

In the beauty industry, coconut oil and milk are well-known for their hair and skin benefits. For this reason, personal care and skin care companies include them as an ingredient in shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and more.


Tips To Get the Best Price for Unsweetened Coconut Products  

As a business owner, getting high-quality coconut products at the lowest possible price is integral to earning more profits. Check out these tips to get competitive prices for the coconut products you need:


Directly Purchase From Suppliers 

One of the primary advantages of transacting directly with suppliers like Red V Foods is you can get products at lower costs because no intermediaries are involved. In contrast, when you purchase from retailers and distributors, you will have to pay for other expenses, such as the price they add to gain profit, transportation expenses, and storage costs.


Prioritize Quality of Products 

The best price doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest. This is because you must also consider the quality of the coconut products you’re purchasing. Keep in mind that you will be using them as ingredients for materials for your business, so it’s essential not to skimp on quality. For instance, Red V Foods’ offerings may sometimes be priced higher than other brands, but this is because we maintain premium standards for our coconut products.


Be Updated on the Coconut Industry 

Make sure you are educated on the latest insights and trends concerning the coconut industry before inquiring with a supplier. Being well-informed can empower you in your business dealings. If you are not updated on coconut market trends, you might not be able to determine if a supplier’s prices are reasonable.


Purchase in Bulk 

One of the best ways to get product discounts is by purchasing in bulk. However, before you consider this approach, make sure your storage and usage capabilities can handle large quantities. If you’re hesitant to buy in bulk, try asking for a sample of the supplier’s products first or purchase from manufacturers who fulfill orders in small quantities, like Red V Foods. 


Coconut Products You Need To Know 

There’s a broad list of coconut products you can choose from to create other products. Here are some of the most common examples:


Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is derived from coconut meat. Because it is plant-based and lactose-free, it is an excellent alternative to dairy milk. Red V Foods offers multiple variants of this ingredient, including organic unsweetened coconut milk and coconut milk powder. We also provide lite versions, which only contain 6% of fat.


Unsweetened Coconut Flakes 

Coconut flakes are another versatile coconut product. It pairs well with savory recipes and baked goods and can be used as toppings or to add another layer of texture. We offer sweetened, unsweetened, and toasted coconut flakes, as well as other cuts, such as finely shredded coconut and coconut chips.


Unsweetened Coconut Cream 

Coconut cream is quite similar to coconut milk, except it has a higher fat content and a thicker consistency. It is a popular ingredient among food service clients due to its versatility in various dishes and beverages. You can add this as a base for curries, soups, and sauces. It can also be used to make desserts, like ice cream, flan, and custard.


Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a healthy oil used in both cooking and beauty. One reason for its fame is its health benefits, which include hair protection, improved oral health, and antimicrobial effects. Red V Foods offers refined coconut oil and organic virgin coconut oil.


Find the Best Prices for Unsweetened Coconut Products at Red V Foods! 

Red V Foods is a leading supplier of coconut products to food service companies, retailers, and e-commerce stores, among other clients in the USA and other countries. 

Through our parent company, Axelum Resources Corp., we source coconut directly from farms in the southern region of the Philippines. There is no middleman or third party involved in our supply chain, so we can offer competitive prices for a wide range of organic coconut products without sacrificing quality. 

Moreover, Red V Foods fulfills all sizes of orders – from individual cartons to truckloads. We provide a wide selection of pack sizes and delivery methods to meet each customer’s needs.

For small orders, you can browse our products here on our website. For bulk orders of one pallet or more, kindly contact our sales team directly. Get in touch with us today!

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